Do you always incline towards that chilled soda lying in your refrigerator when thirst hits your gut? Does your meal feel incomplete without having that refreshing kick of fizz?

Carbonated drinks are always on top of our grocery list or things that people always stock up before running out. All of it is true and sure it feels just the right and refreshing sips after a heavy meal or easing that thirst. But…

Carbonated drinks are harmful not only for your physical health but your oral health too. Here is a list of health implications of having carbonated sodas:

  • Carbonated sodas are high in sugar so watch out for that weight increase
  • Sodas provide temporary hydration but not suitable for long term quench relief
  • Acid reflux is a common result of excessive intake of sodas and carbonated drinks
  • Bloating, discomfort and feeling too full are some other implications
  • Can increase dependence and addictiveness due to caffeine

We talked about the physical harm that carbonated drinks might cause. Let’s talk about its effects on oral health.

  • Due to their acidic nature, tooth enamel can be highly affected causing it to erode.
  • Teeth staining
  • Enamel can lose its integrity causing tooth sensitivity
  • Acid and sugar can lead to increase in risk of cavities

Options You Can Choose From


The first and primal healthy alternative to soda is none other than water. If you are looking to satisfy your thirst, grab on that bottle of water rather than a can of soda. Sparkling water is also an option to get that fizzy sensation.

Pro-tip: You can infuse your regular water bottle with fruit slices such as lemon or orange to blend in a more desirable taste. Or a low calorie flavor booster can also do the job.

Tea or Coffee

Beverages like tea and coffee can also be good alternatives, if consumed in moderation. Hot or cold can be your call to choose.

You can use a hint of honey or stevia based sweetener for a sweet taste.


Milk is a healthy alternative for restoring good oral and overall health. This can help strengthen bone integrity and brighten teeth.

If you are limiting dairy use, go for low fat skimmed milk such as almond milk.

Homemade smoothies and Juices

One very delicious and filling option is homemade smoothies. Take full advantage of seasonal fruits and make homemade delicious smoothies for your sweet beverage cravings. Try to use limited amounts of sugar and use milk that is safe for you otherwise.

If you are seeking for a little less consistency in your everyday drink, go for fresh fruit juices.

Coconut Water

This is a healthy hydrant in place of carbonated drinks. Good for health and will suffice for your thirst.


Make up for your carbonated cravings with healthy options like water, smoothies, milk, coconut water and more.

If you have any dental issue relating to eroded or stained enamel, contact Modena Dentistry at (346) 966-3362.

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