Medical advancements have made life easier by offering us different solutions to fix our damaged or crooked teeth; a dental crown is one of them. A dental crown is created from materials such as ceramic, resin, and porcelain with metal or gold. However, the primary question is, “Are dental crowns permanent?” Let’s find out!

Lifespan of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns typically last for five to fifteen years. The lifespan of a dental crown is influenced by several factors, such as oral hygiene and the amount of wear and tear the dental crown receives.
To increase crowns’ longevity, patients must take good care of their oral health by flossing daily and brushing twice a day.

Note that grinding your teeth, clenching, or chewing harmful things can decrease the crown’s lifespan.

How Can I Increase the Longevity of Dental Crowns?

There are a few measures that may help you make your dental crown permanent, including:

  • Use a soft toothbrush to avoid damaging the crown.
  • Use a night guard if you grind or clench your teeth.
  • Quit smoking because it causes discoloration of the crown.
  • Avoid using abrasive toothpaste because it will scratch the surface of the crown.
  • Avoid keeping your mouth dry, and drink plenty of water.
  • It is better not to eat sticky and hard food, as it can harm the crown.
  • Visit your dentist regularly.

What Are Temporary Dental Crowns?

Even though temporary crowns are quite economical and are made of only two materials, plastic, and metal, this is because their duration is only a few weeks. Temporary crowns are a short-term solution, and they are implanted at the same time as the patient’s permanent crown replacement appointments.

Benefits of Permanent Crowns

Here are a few benefits of permanent crowns:


Permanent crowns are made of porcelain and other robust metals and have a more sturdy bite, while temporary crowns are composed of acrylic and stainless steel and are not designed to last forever.
The materials used in dental cosmetics need to be resilient since teeth are subjected to a lot of wear and tear.


Dental crowns, which are permanent, improve the appearance of your face and make you more confident. Better materials will have visuals that are more appealing; porcelain, for instance, frequently reflects light more effectively than acrylic.

Fit Better

Permanent crowns fit the teeth better and can help stop a new cavity from forming around the restoration’s edges due to the tight seal. Too much time spent wearing a temporary crown increases the chance of tooth damage.

Bottom Line!

When it comes to dental crowns being permanent, you have to take good care of them. While there is not one sort of crown that works for everyone, some may be more appealing to you than others may. To make an informed decision, talk to our expert dentist at Modena Dentistry or book an appointment by calling (346) 966-3362.

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