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Can Dental Implants Be Removed?

Jun 30, 202454 Views

Dental implants are a long-lasting alternative to replace lost teeth, but what if, down the line, you need the implant removed? So, can dental implants be removed? Even though the procedure is uncommon, there are some situations where it would be preferable to remove implants in favor of dentures. This blog will explore the reasons […]

Why are My Tooth Sensitive After a Filling?

Jun 15, 202474 Views

Has your dental filling made your teeth sensitive? While a dental filling is a safe and reliable tooth restoration procedure, some patients may have discomfort or sensitivity after the process. So, if you’re wondering why your tooth is sensitive after a filling, you’re not alone. It’s common and goes away with time but what might […]

Is A Root Canal An Emergency?

May 30, 2024114 Views

When it comes to dental emergencies, what comes to your mind first? Probably oral trauma or a chipped tooth, but never a root canal, right? Yes, a root canal is an emergency because sometimes a tooth infection can reach the bloodstream, which can be deadly. Allow me to elaborate on how a root canal can […]

What To Do When A Dental Filling Falls Out?

May 15, 2024131 Views

Yes, it’s true! Dental filling does fall out, and it’s quite common. It may have fallen off when you were having a great supper or brushing your teeth. It can be disappointing to lose a filling, but many people experience it, and regardless of how it happened, the important question is, “What to do when […]

Are Dental Crowns Permanent?

Apr 30, 2024140 Views

Medical advancements have made life easier by offering us different solutions to fix our damaged or crooked teeth; a dental crown is one of them. A dental crown is created from materials such as ceramic, resin, and porcelain with metal or gold. However, the primary question is, “Are dental crowns permanent?” Let’s find out! Lifespan […]

5 Essential Tips For Keeping You Gums Healthy

Apr 15, 2024205 Views

Do you ever feel like you’re giving your teeth all the love and forgetting about your gums? You’re not alone. Many of us breeze through our oral care routine, thinking a quick brush is all it takes. But here’s the truth: your gums need just as much attention as your pearly whites. It’s time to […]

Dental Veneer Are Your Beautiful Smile’s Next Step

Mar 30, 2024151 Views

Do you find yourself bothered by chips or discoloration on your teeth? It’s a common issue, but there’s a solution worth considering: dental veneers. These are essentially thin, tooth-colored covers that are affixed to the front surface of your teeth. They serve to conceal various cosmetic imperfections, restoring your teeth to their former glory. Curious […]

How To Achieve A Stunning Smile With Clearcorrect Aligners?

Mar 15, 2024192 Views

Are you seeking a subtle yet cost-effective method to align your teeth? Look no further than ClearCorrect aligners. These transparent aligners have gained popularity among individuals aiming to enhance their smiles without the hassle and discomfort of traditional metal braces. Let’s delve deeper into ClearCorrect aligners and explore why they stand out as the affordable […]

What Can You Eat After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Feb 29, 2024155 Views

Adequate healing after wisdom teeth extraction starts with knowing what to eat post-surgery and things to steer clear of. With proper oral care and careful food choices, you can have safe recovery within no time. If this is your first and you do not know how to begin, take this blog as your initial guide. […]

What Can You Expect During Deep Gum Cleaning?

Feb 15, 2024181 Views

Regular dental visits consist of checkups and routine cleanings. However, many people do not know there are other kinds such as deep dental cleaning available, which includes your gum. If your oral care specialist has shown interest in performing deep cleaning, do not worry; they want to get that gunk off your gums and teeth […]


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