Pain After Tooth Extraction

May 30, 202316 Views

Having tooth extraction, especially the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, may open a can of various issues if not dealt with properly. There are chances of an infection, or your surrounding teeth may start to hurt after tooth extraction. Let’s discuss the latter in this piece. Why Do Your Surrounding Teeth Hurt After Tooth Extraction? […]

Benefits of Teeth Whitening and Bleaching

May 15, 202342 Views

If you pay close attention, you may notice that your smile might not be the most radiant one among your social circles. Nowadays, more and more people are embracing the concept of enhancing the aesthetics of their smiles via multiple dental procedures, such as teeth whitening. Here’s why you should go for it too. Smile […]

Dangers Of Smoking After Tooth Extraction

Apr 15, 2023132 Views

We know that smoking is a hazardous habit with several negative health effects. But did you know that smoking after tooth extraction may result in far more severe complications? After your tooth-pulling stunt, it may be tempting to fire up a cigarette, but doing so can delay recovery, increase the chance of infection, and lead […]

Dry Socket With Stitches, What To Do Next?

Mar 30, 202390 Views

You finally got that tooth extracted, causing pain and agony, but why does it still hurt like a ton of bricks? You could have fallen victim to the dreaded dry socket after tooth extraction, even with stitches. Don’t panic; there is always a way out. Here’s everything you should know regarding dry socket formation with […]

3-Second Tricks To Kill Tooth Nerve Pain

Mar 15, 2023267 Views

Toothaches are a big killjoy and can happen at any time. The pain ranges from mild discomfort to excruciating agony, depending on the case. Some common types of toothaches are: Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks Constant, throbbing tooth nerve pain Sharp zap when biting down Swelling around the tooth Headache Fever Bleeding […]

Choosing Between Crowns and Caps

Feb 28, 2023142 Views

If you’re looking for ways to restore your damaged tooth, a dental crown or cap can help. While these terms are interchangeable, they actually refer to two different kinds of tooth restorations. Let’s discuss the differences between a dental crown vs. a cap so you know which option is right for you. What is a […]

Dry Sockets | Symptoms and Healing Power

Feb 15, 2023167 Views

What Is a Dry Socket? When you have a tooth removed, a blood clot usually forms in the empty socket where your ex-resident used to be. This blood clot helps protect the bone and nerves underneath while the area heals. However, sometimes this clot dislodges or dissolves too quickly, leaving the bone and nerves exposed. […]

Are Veneers Permanent Or Just A Temporary Fix?

Jan 30, 2023184 Views

Dental veneers are all the rage these days. From celebrities to social media stars, almost everyone has fallen prey to the viral benefits of veneers. And how can they not? Veneers are cost-effective, customizable, and oh-so-easy to maintain! But the real question is: are veneers permanent? Or do you constantly need to get them replaced? […]

Does A Fluoride Treatment Help To Whiten Teeth?

Jan 15, 2023170 Views

Just like a knight relies on his armor for protection, your teeth rely on fluoride. From strengthening the enamel to protecting them from cavities and tooth decay, fluoride is essential for good dental health. However, despite the long list of benefits, fluoride is not as effective when it comes to teeth whitening. So, what exactly […]


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