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How Soon Can You Start Eating After Fluoride Flush?

Dec 15, 2023131 Views

Your dentist must have mentioned about the importance of fluoride in your daily dental care regimen, emphasizing its role in combination with regular brushing and flossing. Consider fluoride as the supporting artist with your oral cleanliness cycle. If you are fairly new to this preventive dental treatment, wondering when you can eat after fluoride flush […]

Top 6 Reasons You Might Need Jaw Surgery

Nov 30, 2023124 Views

Jaw surgery is a surgical procedure to restore optimal jaw function, removing any abnormalities caused by misaligned jaw or mouth injury. It is administered by a maxillofacial surgeon, often accompanied by an orthodontist. Surgeries dealing with jaw placement involve the lower jaw, upper jaw, chin, cheekbones, nose and jaw joints (TMJ). These are often done […]

What is Crown Lengthening?

Nov 15, 2023320 Views

Crown lengthening is a surgical dental procedure that involves jaw repositioning. It can be administered on a single tooth or even multiple. The purpose of crown lengthening can vary from functional to cosmetic purposes. Here is a list of three main reasons a dentist may direct you towards crown lengthening. Restorative Purpose Crown lengthening exposes […]

Travel Friendly Dental Kit – Things to Carry

Oct 30, 2023317 Views

Travel sized amenities are designed to be compact and convenient to carry whether you are out of your house for extended periods or preparing for a trip or vacation. While most people are concerned about their luggage restrictions, it is always smart to find things that only fit your travel sized bags but can also […]

Child Friendly Dental Practices

Oct 15, 2023330 Views

Dental care is an important part of regular hygiene practices, regardless of age and gender. As much as it is important to take care of your teeth in old age, it is equally important to instill this idea into children. Starting early ensures that it becomes an important part of their routine, promoting a lifetime […]

5 Dental Friendly Alternatives to Soda

Sep 30, 2023171 Views

Do you always incline towards that chilled soda lying in your refrigerator when thirst hits your gut? Does your meal feel incomplete without having that refreshing kick of fizz? Carbonated drinks are always on top of our grocery list or things that people always stock up before running out. All of it is true and […]

Root Canal VS Tooth Extraction: Which Option Is Better?

Sep 15, 2023571 Views

Root canal and tooth extraction are both dental procedures used to treat a decayed tooth that’s causing pain. But, both serve entirely different purposes and have different outcomes. While both can be considered while treating a cavity, the question is which one is a more viable option? This answer is entirely dependent on multiple factors […]

Why does my breath always smell bad?

Aug 30, 2023230 Views

Heading to that job interview you have been dreaming of or getting ready to meet your potential partner; you want to make an impression that lasts. Don’t let bad breath come in the way of you and your goals. Have you ever wondered why does your breath always smell bad? Is it only related to […]

What Can You Eat With Braces? Are Candies On The List?

Aug 15, 2023186 Views

Getting braces for teeth straightening is a long-enduring yet extremely rewarding dental treatment that gives you the smile of your dreams. Usually, you will find abstinence from sugary treats written in bold; does that mean you can’t eat candy with braces? That is not entirely true; you can curb your sweet temptations but to a […]

Can You Whiten Sensitive Teeth?

Jul 30, 2023315 Views

Want a smile that can light up the entire room? Well, it is possible with the help of professional teeth whitening. It is one of the best ways to get rid of tooth stains. But what if your teeth are sensitive? Can you whiten them safely as well? Let’s find out. Whitening Sensitive Teeth, Why […]


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