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Dry Sockets | Symptoms and Healing Power

Feb 15, 2023690 Views

What Is a Dry Socket? When you have a tooth removed, a blood clot usually forms in the empty socket where your ex-resident used to be. This blood clot helps protect the bone and nerves underneath while the area heals. However, sometimes this clot dislodges or dissolves too quickly, leaving the bone and nerves exposed. […]

Are Veneers Permanent Or Just A Temporary Fix?

Jan 30, 2023338 Views

Dental veneers are all the rage these days. From celebrities to social media stars, almost everyone has fallen prey to the viral benefits of veneers. And how can they not? Veneers are cost-effective, customizable, and oh-so-easy to maintain! But the real question is: are veneers permanent? Or do you constantly need to get them replaced? […]

Does A Fluoride Treatment Help To Whiten Teeth?

Jan 15, 2023360 Views

Just like a knight relies on his armor for protection, your teeth rely on fluoride. From strengthening the enamel to protecting them from cavities and tooth decay, fluoride is essential for good dental health. However, despite the long list of benefits, fluoride is not as effective when it comes to teeth whitening. So, what exactly […]

Here’s What To Do If Your Molar Tooth Breaks In Half

Dec 15, 2022512 Views

Not many people consider their molars to be fragile. After all, your molars are made to crush and grind the hardest bits of food. They’re super strong and can exert a great deal of force when needed. But what if you accidentally chomp down on something too hard and are left behind with a half-broken […]

What Are Bone Spurs In Mouth?

Nov 30, 20221254 Views

A bone spur in the mouth is more common than you think. It is quite shocking, but half of the people suffering from it don’t even know they have it. A bone spur in the gum or mouth is mostly seen after an extraction/oral procedure. Do not worry if it seems confusing; this blog has […]

Are Over The Counter Night Guards Best For TMJ?

Nov 15, 2022329 Views

Having Temporomandibular Joint – TMJ disorder is something you would want to pay close attention to. It is characterized by a painful joint connecting the lower jaw and temple due to excessive teeth grinding. TMJ pain is like no other, so dentists recommend using a night guard for protection. You may think that there is […]

3 Possible Reasons Why You Have Wisdom Teeth Swelling — How to Reduce It?

Oct 30, 2022377 Views

Our third molars burst through our gums and usually bring a lot of painful symptoms. Hence, if you’re facing wisdom teeth swelling, you’re not alone. Many people experience swollen gum behind their wisdom teeth, which is typically painful and can cause trouble eating. Why exactly does a swollen wisdom tooth occur, though? Carry on reading […]

4 Effective Treatments to Remove the Black Spot on Your Tooth

Oct 15, 2022329 Views

Teeth problems can arise even if you diligently follow good dental hygiene. One of the common issues people notice is discolored spots on teeth. These marks ruin your smile and might indicate dental problems like tooth decay. Moreover, the discolored mark might be yellow, brown, black, or grey. But before you panic, your dentist can […]


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