What Can You Expect During Deep Gum Cleaning?

Feb 15, 2024116 Views

Regular dental visits consist of checkups and routine cleanings. However, many people do not know there are other kinds such as deep dental cleaning available, which includes your gum. If your oral care specialist has shown interest in performing deep cleaning, do not worry; they want to get that gunk off your gums and teeth […]

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last On Teeth?

Jan 30, 2024112 Views

Dental sealant, just like the name suggests, is a film-like layer that seals the tooth to protect it from bacteria and consequent decay. The good news is that dental sealants can last for about 10 years or even more with proper maintenance. They are safe for both children and adults alike. Let’s dig into more […]

When Can You Start Exercising After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Jan 15, 2024249 Views

If you are a fitness junkie, the thought of skipping a workout after wisdom teeth removal might seem off and confusing at first; however, this process, although safe, is an invasive surgery that requires proper care and rest after. Give your body enough time to recover and then bounce back into your regime. Let’s take […]

Getting a Partial Denture? Do You Have Adequate Teeth?

Dec 30, 2023106 Views

Modern dentistry has a variety of solutions to deal with missing teeth, and one popular choice is the use of partial dentures. Unlike their full counterparts, partial ones are designed for cases where the person still has some healthy teeth. Do you want to know how many teeth are required to be eligible for it? […]

How Soon Can You Start Eating After Fluoride Flush?

Dec 15, 2023131 Views

Your dentist must have mentioned about the importance of fluoride in your daily dental care regimen, emphasizing its role in combination with regular brushing and flossing. Consider fluoride as the supporting artist with your oral cleanliness cycle. If you are fairly new to this preventive dental treatment, wondering when you can eat after fluoride flush […]

Top 6 Reasons You Might Need Jaw Surgery

Nov 30, 2023124 Views

Jaw surgery is a surgical procedure to restore optimal jaw function, removing any abnormalities caused by misaligned jaw or mouth injury. It is administered by a maxillofacial surgeon, often accompanied by an orthodontist. Surgeries dealing with jaw placement involve the lower jaw, upper jaw, chin, cheekbones, nose and jaw joints (TMJ). These are often done […]


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