Teeth Removal

When Can You Start Exercising After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Jan 15, 2024249 Views

If you are a fitness junkie, the thought of skipping a workout after wisdom teeth removal might seem off and confusing at first; however, this process, although safe, is an invasive surgery that requires proper care and rest after. Give your body enough time to recover and then bounce back into your regime. Let’s take […]

Headache After Wisdom Tooth Extraction – What Might The Reasons Be?

Jun 30, 2023569 Views

You thought getting rid of those irritating wisdom teeth would be the end of all your troubles. Just when you thought it was all done, you have an annoying headache. Don’t worry; we will carefully dissect why this happens so you can choose the best method of pain relief. Let’s get on to the mystery […]


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