Tooth Extraction

Root Canal VS Tooth Extraction: Which Option Is Better?

Sep 15, 2023572 Views

Root canal and tooth extraction are both dental procedures used to treat a decayed tooth that’s causing pain. But, both serve entirely different purposes and have different outcomes. While both can be considered while treating a cavity, the question is which one is a more viable option? This answer is entirely dependent on multiple factors […]

Pain After Tooth Extraction

May 30, 2023363 Views

Having tooth extraction, especially the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, may open a can of various issues if not dealt with properly. There are chances of an infection, or your surrounding teeth may start to hurt after tooth extraction. Let’s discuss the latter in this piece. Why Do Your Surrounding Teeth Hurt After Tooth Extraction? […]

Dangers Of Smoking After Tooth Extraction

Apr 15, 2023331 Views

We know that smoking is a hazardous habit with several negative health effects. But did you know that smoking after tooth extraction may result in far more severe complications? After your tooth-pulling stunt, it may be tempting to fire up a cigarette, but doing so can delay recovery, increase the chance of infection, and lead […]


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