Dental care is an important part of regular hygiene practices, regardless of age and gender. As much as it is important to take care of your teeth in old age, it is equally important to instill this idea into children. Starting early ensures that it becomes an important part of their routine, promoting a lifetime of healthy and confident smiles.

Guiding children towards maintaining an oral care routine can be challenging and tricky. This blog is an important guide to mothers or guardians to develop a well-integrated oral care routine and tips to ensure that oral health is never compromised.

Set an Example:

Children tend to mimic their parents in most cases. If you want your child to be regular with oral care, show them your commitment towards brushing, flossing and taking care of your teeth. Let them see that it is part of your daily routine and how you follow it religiously.

Use Fun Toothbrushes:

Toothbrushes come in multiple varieties. Purchase a toothbrush that your child will love. Be it an association with their favorite character, color or any feature that catches their attention.

Children have an aspect of curiosity in them. Use it to your benefit. This can make the whole experience of brushing more fun and exciting

Child Friendly Toothpaste:

There are child friendly toothpastes specifically designed for children. Get an appealing, attractive packaged toothpaste which tastes appealing. Toothpastes with shiny elements can also be of great advantage when it comes to children’s appeal.

Brush Together:

In order for your child to brush regularly, never use it as punishment. Using it as a punishment can be a source of rebellion.
Try to take out days where you brush together with your child. Make it a fun activity where you both enjoy doing silly things together.

Use Incentivization:

Incentivize the child in the form of a favorite bedtime story or a 10 minute extra screen time so there is extra motivation on the days he/she won’t leave bed for brushing. Small incentives or praises go a long way.

Be Patient:

Child tantrums are often extreme and difficult to deal with. Give your child some time to settle in case of a tantrum. Be patient and gentle. Choose the right words and tone while reinforcing the importance of oral health.

Establish a Schedule:

Establishing a schedule for a child is a really important part of disciplining. Schedule your child’s time for brushing teeth i.e. after breakfast and before bedtime.

Regular Dental Checkups:

Take your child to their pediatric dentist monthly. Use this as an opportunity to impart basic knowledge and importance or oral care and hygiene. Introducing this at an early age can help them overcome dental phobias, if any.


Remember that each child is different! Tailor an individualized plan which works best for your little one!

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