Dental Deep Cleaning in Houston, TX

Deep Cleaning in Houston, TX
Sometimes, it’s good to have a thorough cleaning of your teeth to remove years of stains, deposits and tartar buildup. Modena Dentistry and Orthodontics offers deep cleaning in Houston, TX to help you get a thorough cleaning and achieve optimal oral health.

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Deep cleaning is a thorough process that involves removing the tartar that forms on the teeth from daily use over many years. It’s a recommended procedure if you haven’t been to the dentist for a long time, or are at risk for developing periodontal disease (or gum disease.)

The core procedures that are part of our deep cleaning in Houston, TX include scaling and root planing. For the former, your dentist will use special instruments to scrape away tartar and plaque deposits on the teeth. Scaling instruments differ in size and shape with each being used for a specific part of the mouth. The dentist will also check for any cavities, cracks or other abnormalities during a scaling procedure.

However, the difference between a routine dental cleaning and our deep cleaning in Houston, TX is that while scaling is also performed in a general cleaning, root planing is not.

The Difference Between General vs. Deep Dental Cleaning

Your teeth are more than just what is visible to you above the gum line: in fact, each tooth extends below the gums and has roots that attach them firmly to the jawbone. These roots are also rich with blood vessels and can become infected by disease and decay, especially with advanced periodontal disease, where tartar can build up below the gum line and form pockets between the tooth roots and the gums.

Root planing is a part of our deep cleaning in Houston, with the goals being to expose the roots of your teeth below the gum line, remove heavy tartar buildup, and smooth the surfaces to allow the gums to attach properly. As part of a deep cleaning, it is effective in treating gum disease and alleviating gum inflammation. Your dentist may recommend it, depending on the severity of your oral health issues.

During a deep cleaning procedure, your dentist will remove scale, deposits and buildup from your teeth using either manual or ultrasonic instruments, sucking the debris away using a suction tool. Then, they polish the teeth below the gum line using a curette, ensuring smooth, bacteria-free root surfaces that do not irritate the gums. Finally, the gums are put back into place and you are given aftercare instructions to minimize complications and heal properly.

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How Long Does Deep Cleaning Take?

A deep cleaning appointment can take longer than routine dental cleaning. Depending on the amount of tartar removal and work required, your deep cleaning may last several hours. To keep you comfortable and pain-free, we administer local anesthesia and also provide sedation services for those who request them.
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