Fluoride Treatment in Houston, TX

Fluoride Treatment in Houston, TX
Fluoride is widely known for its protective and strengthening effects for tooth enamel, and dentists recommend fluoride treatments to help preserve good oral health. Modena Dentistry and Orthodontics offers fast and convenient fluoride treatment in Houston, TX.

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Fluoride Treatment in Houston, TX

Fluoride treatments take advantage of the beneficial properties of fluoride, which is a naturally occurring substance that has been added to water supplies and toothpaste in order to prevent dental decay. Our fluoride treatment in Houston, TX works by using custom-made trays that have been designed to cover your teeth and gums. The trays are then filled with a concentrated fluoride solution, which releases fluoride into your mouth and encourages absorption into the enamel.

Dentists recommend fluoride treatment to help prevent dental decay, particularly if your teeth are prone to cavities. Fluoride treatment can also help restore and strengthen tooth enamel that has been weakened by large cavities or other factors.

Best of all, fluoride treatment is simple, easy and painless, easily completed in a single office visit! Schedule your appointment for fluoride treatment in Houston, TX by calling Modena Dentistry and Orthodontics at (346) 966-3362.

Is Fluoride Treatment Safe?

Well-researched and substantial scientific evidence suggests that fluoride treatment is safe when performed by a qualified dentist. Fluoride treatment has been used effectively since the 1940s, and recent, large-scale studies have confirmed fluoride’s effectiveness at preventing dental cavities.

Is It a Good Idea to Have Fluoride Treatment?

Yes. There is overwhelming evidence that fluoridated water and fluoride toothpaste are independently effective at reducing dental decay, as well as providing other benefits like helping strengthen teeth. Research also suggests that fluoride may help reduce the severity of tooth decay in children who experience frequent teeth problems.

Fluoride is safe to use for both children and adults, and there is no evidence of harm from using fluoride treatment. In general, it is recommended that children receive fluoride treatments for at least two years after their first tooth appears.

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What Is Involved in a Fluoride Treatment?

The fluoride treatment process consists of several steps:

  1. A dentist or hygienist will examine your teeth before creating a custom-made tray. The dentist or hygienist may use photos and impressions of your teeth to make trays that will cover the areas where fluoride treatment is needed.
  2. Next, the trays will be filled with a fluoride compound. The compound that is used depends on your particular needs, but the most common ones are sodium fluoride and monocalcium phosphate fluoride.
  3. The solution is left to cover your teeth and gums for a total of about 60 minutes. The dentist may reapply the fluoride paste or compound multiple times during your visit to ensure it is effective.
  4. Afterwards, your dental hygienist will thoroughly rinse your mouth out with water to ensure that all of the fluoride solution is removed from your mouth. It’s that simple!

Our fluoride treatment in Houston, TX is carefully designed for safety and effectiveness, and dentists perform them in a manner that prevents any damage or complications from occurring during this process.

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