Modern dentistry has a variety of solutions to deal with missing teeth, and one popular choice is the use of partial dentures. Unlike their full counterparts, partial ones are designed for cases where the person still has some healthy teeth. Do you want to know how many teeth are required to be eligible for it? Let’s find out.

Partial Dentures

They are one of the most suitable methods employed to replace missing teeth, offering adequate functionality for chewing and biting. It may not be depicted through their name, but partial dentures are sturdy once installed and play a crucial role in maintaining the alignment of your remaining teeth. There are 2 main types:

  1. Fixed Partial Dentures
    They are professionally fixed inside the mouth, providing a stable and non-movable solution for tooth replacement.
  2. Removable Partial Dentures
    Removable partial dentures, just like their name suggests, can be easily taken out and worn again. They offer much more flexibility in comparison.

How Many Healthy Teeth Do You Need To Have For A Partial Denture?

In a nutshell, there is no set/standard number of teeth that you must have in order to get a stable partial denture. The key is to have a few healthy teeth within an arch to provide support.

Partial dentures have an acrylic base that holds artificial teeth. They are intertwined with a metal framework, encircling adjacent healthy teeth for additional retention. This mesh ensures structural stability. To find out the right type of partial denture specific to your case involves a comprehensive evaluation by your dental care expert.

They assess your remaining teeth, gums, and jawbone to tailor a solution that best fits your needs. Whether you need a modifying design for proper retention or a specific type of partial denture, the goal is to ensure your comfort and overall oral health.

Prolonging the Lifespan of Partial Dentures

As a standard rule of thumb, maximizing the lifespan of your partial dentures depends on regular care and maintenance. Beyond the daily oral hygiene regime, if you have removable dentures, clean them with a specialized solution every night.

Practice gentle cleaning with the help of a soft-bristled brush and toothpaste to keep the denture surface in adequate condition. If you are uncomfortable or noticing looseness in your fix, promptly visit your dental practice for necessary repairs.

Closing Note

Partial dentures are a practical and accessible solution for those with missing teeth who are not looking for anything too expensive. They can regain their talking and chewing functionality with the flexibility of choice between fixed and removable options. For further information on the types of dentures we offer and other ways we can be of help, contact Dr. Pranav Mody, DDS, at Modena Dentistry. His more than a decade of experience is bound to be fruitful for you. Dial (346) 966-3362 to connect with us. Or, to schedule an appointment, drop by our dental office at 6915 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W Suite G, Houston, TX 77069.

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