When it comes to dental emergencies, what comes to your mind first? Probably oral trauma or a chipped tooth, but never a root canal, right? Yes, a root canal is an emergency because sometimes a tooth infection can reach the bloodstream, which can be deadly. Allow me to elaborate on how a root canal can be an emergency!

Why Would Someone Need an Emergency Root Canal?

Sometimes, oral infections can be so serious that they either cannot wait or are extremely difficult for the patient to handle. They may disrupt everyday routines, causing the patient to become distracted at work, school, or home. Moreover, the patient could feel excruciating pain that spreads beyond the affected tooth to a wide region.

Since untreated tooth decay can cause unbearable pain, an emergency root canal procedure might be the only solution in such conditions.

When do I Need an Emergency Root Canal Treatment?

You could need an emergency root canal if you have any of the following problems:

Tooth Infection

A tooth infection can cause tooth discoloration. A tooth that is very dark or black in color might indicate significant decay. Even though the filling material used in a root canal might correct discoloration, a tooth-whitening procedure might eventually be necessary to give the tooth the look you want.

Continuous Pain

It’s possible that you have a toothache that can’t be treated by any therapy. Even if the diagnosis is uncertain, persistent tooth pain shouldn’t go untreated. Your dentist will discuss your choices with you and only suggest a root canal is it is necessary.

Severe Tooth Decay

Most cavities may be filled with a simple filling, but serious tooth decay requires treatment that is more extensive. The tooth pulp may become infected and inflammatory when there are deep cavities, spreading throughout your mouth and body if left untreated.

Pus Coming Out of the Tooth

Pus coming out from the surrounding tissue of an infected tooth is a dental emergency and requires immediate medical attention. While treating an infected tooth as soon as possible might be simple, delaying treatment can have disastrous results, including the infection moving to the brain or heart. The dentist will do an emergency root canal to save the tooth if they believe you cannot wait any longer.

Wrapping Up!

If your infectious tooth pain is only getting worst and the toothache is not going away, you must get an emergency dental treatment. Root canal can be an emergency when a tooth infection is left untreated because the sooner you get it treated the better.

Ignoring a toothache can result in serious consequences; meaning must get regular dental checkups to avoid anything serious. Visit Modena Dentistry and Orthodontics to get consultation from our expert dentists and book your appointment by calling (346) 966-3362.

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