Root canal and tooth extraction are both dental procedures used to treat a decayed tooth that’s causing pain. But, both serve entirely different purposes and have different outcomes.

While both can be considered while treating a cavity, the question is which one is a more viable option? This answer is entirely dependent on multiple factors such as severity of the cavity, overall oral health and personal preferences of the patient.

This blog will provide insights for better guidance to help better understand both processes in detail; helping the readers decide which option may be more appropriate.

Root Canal

A root canal is performed to preserve a tooth when the cavity has reached to a point that causes inflammation and pain. It is recommended when there are still chances to reverse the damage.
The procedure involves three main steps including:

  • Cleaning
  • Disinfecting
  • Sealing

It starts off with numbing the area, making a way through the crown to the infection; where the infected pulp is removed carefully and the tooth is then sealed with synthetic materials.

The purpose of a root canal is to preserve the tooth’s structure and function, while removing the infection entirely to relieve pain and sensitivity.

Tooth Extraction:

Tooth extraction, self-explained by its very name, implies the removal of a tooth; considered when there is extensive cavity that is beyond repair.

This is most commonly preferred when a patient has previously removed one or more teeth and is thinking of going for dentures or dental bridges.

The purpose of a tooth extraction is to remove the teeth entirely from the jaw that affects your teeth symmetry.

Root Canal VS Tooth Extraction:

Up until now, we have tried to briefly describe both procedures which are used to treat a decayed tooth.

But which one’s better? There is no standard one-size- fits-all answer to this. Here are some things you can consider while making a decision.

Severity of Decay:

Depending on the severity of your issue, talk to a dentist and come up with a mutual answer. This can also mean you might not need any of these two, and a minor filling could solve your problem.

Cost Analysis:

It is important to discuss the budget with your healthcare provider and see if your treatment option fits your requirements. Root canal may seem more expensive than tooth extraction, but with extraction there is an added cost of prosthetics.

Long-term Results:

Check if the treatments i.e. root canal or tooth extraction, align with your long term goals set for your oral health.

Closing Remarks

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