Jaw surgery is a surgical procedure to restore optimal jaw function, removing any abnormalities caused by misaligned jaw or mouth injury. It is administered by a maxillofacial surgeon, often accompanied by an orthodontist. Surgeries dealing with jaw placement involve the lower jaw, upper jaw, chin, cheekbones, nose and jaw joints (TMJ). These are often done in combination or separate depending on the issue type, severity and individual preference.
In this blog we delve deeper into the main reasons why jaw surgery becomes a necessary option.

Orthodontic options are not enough

In some cases, all restorative options are saturated and nothing works to be efficient in correcting a dental situation. In such cases, jaw surgery is often recommended by professionals to attain relief from chronic pain and discomfort that does not go away from non-surgical or lesser invasive options.

Regain Facial Symmetry

Not only does a misplaced, injured or overgrown jaw cause functional problems such as chewing or speaking but can also take a toll on one’s confidence and self-esteem. Some people may opt for it as a way of facial rejuvenation.

Accidents that cause mouth injury

Over the course of our lives, it is likely to be struck by an accident that causes a moth injury. Surgical intervention is a most common and profound way to address jaw fractures and other mouth injuries.

You have constant TMJ Pain

TMJ pain can be caused by a displaced jaw which can lead to severe pain and stiffness around the neck, ear, shoulder area. If the cause for your TMJ pain is due to a displaced jaw, surgery might be the right option for you.

You can not chew and speak properly

Jaw misalignment can often detract us from chewing, speaking, yawning and times when we need to open our mouth fully. It can oftentimes cause problems in cleaning our mouth thoroughly. If jaw dislocation does not correct with relevant orthodontic treatment options, the dentist might refer you for a jaw surgery as a final treatment option.

Treatment for sleep apnea

Jaw misalignment can often lead to sleep apnea which, in sever cases, lead to death. Obstruction and other breathing difficulties caused due to jaw misalignment can be resolved through jaw adjustment. Surgery allows the jaw to be pushed forward for minimizing interference of throat tissues with breathing.

Summing Up

Jaw surgery is an invasive yet extremely effective and safe way to address jaw issues caused by misalignment, overcrowding or injuries. While all treatment options have been taken care of, jaw surgery can be your final resort.
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