Travel sized amenities are designed to be compact and convenient to carry whether you are out of your house for extended periods or preparing for a trip or vacation.

While most people are concerned about their luggage restrictions, it is always smart to find things that only fit your travel sized bags but can also slip into everyday purses and fanny packs for a quick touch-up.

When it comes to travel sized items, things that immediately come to our mind are makeup, perfumes and toiletries often overlooking dental hygiene products. However, considering dental care items is equally relevant and important to keep your mouth, breath and smile fresh every day.

Read this blog to discover options that you want to fit in your dental vanity on your next planned trip. And remember that dental health transpires so much more than just a regular toothbrush and toothpaste.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste:

Optimal oral health begins at the most basic and essential dental heath tool called a toothbrush. And a toothpaste to go with it.

Find yourself a compact toothbrush and paste that lay right in your purse or bag.


Another essential dental health tool is a floss. This helps in removing food particles that might cause dental discomfort.


A travel sized mouthwash is essential to refresh your mouth and breathe on the go. You can always keep this in handy after meals or in case of a dry mouth.

Tongue Scraper:

For those who experience tongue buildup, it is a great idea to include a small, travel size tongue scraper. This handy tool can remove the nasty layer to bacteria, giving a fresher mouth.

Orthodontic Wax:

If you are someone who wears braces, you must keep a travel sized orthodontic wax on you for easing pain or discomfort while travelling.

Mints or Chewing Gum:

Carrying a mint can be a life saver in times that your breath makes you conscious. Pop that candy in your mouth for a quick dental fix.

Pain Reliever:

Dental ache can strike you at unexpected times. Back yourself up with your prescribed dental pain-relieving tablet if you experience toothaches during your trip.

Dental Filling Kit:

If you have gone through a dental procedure just before your travelling dates, ask your doctor for recommendation on a temporary dental filling and repair kit. If an uncertainty decides to strike, you must have the required tools to cater to emergencies.


If your destination is a house of sport activities; carry a mouthguard for dental protection.

Conclusive Paragraph

Now, while you write your list of travel essentials on your phone’s Notes app, add one more heading of Dental Essentials. Carrying a dental kit helps you keep the best oral health at all times.

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