Getting braces for teeth straightening is a long-enduring yet extremely rewarding dental treatment that gives you the smile of your dreams. Usually, you will find abstinence from sugary treats written in bold; does that mean you can’t eat candy with braces? That is not entirely true; you can curb your sweet temptations but to a limited extent. Let’s discuss this further.

Braces and Candies – Which Ones Can You Eat?

You can consider braces as your warriors working to give you your perfect-looking smile. Although they are quite sturdy, still, you must be careful before exposing them to all sorts of candies – you would not want to cause them harm. That is why we are here with a list of sugar retreats that you can easily indulge in with braces.

  1. Reese’s: These soft peanut butter cups are gentle on your braces and would not stick to the corners.
  2. KitKat Bar: These bars won’t break your braces, making them a perfect snack choice.
  3. Musketeers Soft Chocolate-Only Bars: You can stick your head into this candy bar without second thoughts. They are easy to eat and do not disturb your barbed wires.
  4. Plain M&Ms: If you are more into M&Ms, just remember to eat those which are without peanuts to avoid impact.
  5. No Nut Chocolate Bars: Once you have braces on, it is time to curb your nutty craving for a bit since they can dislocate the wires or brackets.

Candies/Edibles You Should Not Eat With Braces On

Now that you know the kind of candies you can eat after getting braces, there are a few groups of food that you must steer clear from:

  1. Taffy: They are sticky and stretchy, a recipe for disaster with your braces.
  2. Chewy Candies: Tootsie Rolls, Chewy delights may lead to a mess with your brackets involved since they can stick to them.
  3. Caramels: They are sticky culprits that won’t leave your metal wires alone.
  4. Candy Apples: As tempting as they may be, their crunchiness is a major reason for wire and bracket loosening and dislocation.
  5. Jerkies: These well-known tough and chewy jerkies are no less than a devil for your teeth.
  6. Chocolate with Nuts: Steer clear from the nutty goodness of Snickers, Mounds, etc., for a while.
  7. Popcorn and Popcorn Balls: Repeat after me; kernels are not your best friend. They can hide in places that you won’t be able to clean later on, causing discomfort.
  8. Gum: Gums are a strict no-no in this situation. They are sticky and stretchy, which can entangle your wires.
  9. Hard Candies: Butterscotch is a very hard candy to eat, and it is not favorable at all.

Closing Note

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