Heading to that job interview you have been dreaming of or getting ready to meet your potential partner; you want to make an impression that lasts. Don’t let bad breath come in the way of you and your goals.

Have you ever wondered why does your breath always smell bad? Is it only related to poor oral hygiene? Or are there other underlying reasons to it? Bad breath, scientifically known as halitosis, is a common oral hygiene issue which can occur due to multiple reasons. Here is a list of reasons that could be possible culprits behind the unpleasant odor.

Poor Oral Hygiene:

For guaranteeing top notch oral hygiene, you need to brush and floss regularly. Otherwise, food particles or bacteria can gather in your mouth, causing it to smell bad. It is extremely important to brush and floss regularly to combat bad breath.

Unwashed tongue:

It is a common practice that while brushing, people skip washing their tongue. With great emphasis, Please Wash Your Tongue! Use your toothbrush or a tongue scraper to scrape off that bacteria that has made home in your mouth causing smelly breath.

Dry mouth:

Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, can be a reason behind bad breath. Medicinal side effects, de-hydration or dietary deficiencies can cause your mouth to dry which then leads to bad breath.

Food Choices:

Foods like garlic and onion can also create a bad odor. Although this reason is short lived but make sure you have the needed items for an on-the-go rescue. Quick mouth washes, chewing gum can be your best buddies in this case.

Underlying medical Conditions:

If your everyday routine involves brushing, flossing, and doing all the necessary things for maintaining oral hygiene but you still face the issue of bad breath; this can be a sign of other, in most cases serious, medical conditions such as respiratory infections, fever, liver or kidney problems.

Mouth-wash overuse:

This might come as a shocker but overuse of mouthwash can also contribute to causing your mouth to be dry; hence, resulting in bad breath. Use limited quantity on needed intervals. Rigorous mouth washing can also cause other dental problems.

Concluding Remarks

If you are concerned about bad breath, keep check of all the reasons mentioned above. Try to incorporate changes in your life such as religiously brushing twice a day for two minute; while brushing, do not forget washing your tongue. Floss regularly and use mouthwash when needed. Be mindful of your food choices according to occasion and company.

If bad breath still persists, check with our expert dentists at Modena Dentistry. We will examine your oral health, identify the issue and provide immediate and accurate remedial solutions. While we fix your smile, let us fix your breath too!

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